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We provide professional, licensed, and uniformed security guards and vehicle patrol at very competitive rates. Guards may be armed or unarmed, based on customer preference.


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ABOUT USExpertly Trained
Licensed Security Guards to Ensure the Safety of your Customers, Commercial and Residential property, and Assets in Houston, TX.

These days, security is a prime concern for everyone, everywhere. Whether it’s people, properties, or assets, make sure you are well-protected at all times.

At Enforce Security, we specialize in providing top-notch security guard solutions to banks, credit unions, hospitals, manufacturing units, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, retail stores, warehouses, construction sites, residential properties, and apartment complexes, among others.

Why Choose Our Security Company
Top-Quality Licensing and Training


We provide licensed and trained Security Guards, to ensure the safety of your customers, commercial and residential property, and assets in Houston, TX.  Security is our sole business!

Our security company offers a wide range of choices – armed or unarmed security guards, uniformed security officers, gate guards, foot patrols, vehicle patrols, vehicle GPS systems, escorting services, life safety evacuation, and more.  We provide specialized training to our security guards and officers to successfully deal with different threats (robbery, vandalism, workplace violence, conflicts in residential areas, hospital patient restraint, etc.) so our security guards know how to quickly step in and fully control the situation.

Unparalleled Customer Service


Next to top-notch security, customer service is our #1 priority.  We are a local, family-owned security company in Houston, TX, which means we’ll serve your needs better than a national chain. Your security account will come with a dedicated and responsive account manager at any time, so any concerns can be taken care of very quickly.

No matter which industry you’re in, or whether you are located in Sugar Land, the Woodlands, or any part of Greater Houston, we are only a phone call away.

Custom Fit


We don’t do a “one size fits all” approach.  Enforce Security takes the time to learn your business security needs, and you can create a service contract that fits you:

–          Short term and long term contracts available

–          Armed or unarmed security guards

–          Flexible hours/schedules

–          Foot or vehicle patrols

–          Custom Solutions

Our Technology Edge Provides Accountability


To deliver real value for our customers, we utilize advanced technologies and software systems that help us keep track of our operations around the clock.  We install live checkpoints at our client sites, which our guards scan with their mobile devices.  You will receive a username and password, so that you can log in and monitor guard activity and real-time site information.

Our cloud-based system tracks daily reports, incident reports, employee time-keeping, employee records, and client billing, to make the process more efficient and transparent to you.

Affordable Cost


When looking to hire a security company, you’ll most likely have a budget in mind. Enforce Security can provide you with custom-made solutions to address your security issues at an affordable price.

Our Services
  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Vehicle Patrols (Sedans, SUVs, Golf Carts)
  • Vehicle GPS Systems for Patrol Verification
  • Escorting Visitors, Tenants or Employees
  • Life Safety and Evacuation
  • Facility Oversight and Monitoring
  • Industry-Specific Safety Procedures
  • Gate Guards and Guard Shacks
  • Building and Property Protection
  • Reception and Concierge Services
  • Valet Parking Service
  • Parking Lot Security
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Foot Patrols
  • Access Control
  • Incident Response
  • Report Writing
  • Perimeter Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • And More!
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